Greenhalgh gets role in Auditing GLA and LDA

Stephen20greenhalgh20156_tcm2157367 The Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Steven Greenhalgh, has been given a role on a panel designed to audit the GLA and the London Development Agency, as two senior LDA staff are sacked.

The Mayor has announced the formation of a Forensic Audit Panel to investigate financial management and controls at the London Development Agency and the Greater London Authority.

He has also removed Mary Reilly, chair of the London Development Agency (LDA) Board, and Manny Lewis, chief executive of the London Development Agency, from their roles.

Johnson has nominated Harvey McGrath as the interim chair of the LDA. He has also recommended former chief executive at the City of Westminster Peter Rogers as the interim chief executive.

The Forensic Audit Panel has been tasked with recommending procedures to guarantee probity and transparency, as well as identifying areas where efficiencies can be made and resources redirected to the new Mayor’s priorities.

Heading up the Forensic Audit Panel will be Patience Wheatcroft, former editor of The Sunday Telegraph.

The other members include:

  • Stephen Greenhalgh, Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council;
  • Patrick Frederick, Chief Executive of Aimex International
  • Edward Lister, Leader of Wandsworth Council
  • Andrew Gordon, Head of Investigations within the Forensic Services group of PricewaterhouseCoopers

The review of the LDA will focus on allegations of mismanagement and corruption in the awarding of grants; how conflicts of interest are detected and recorded; and the monitoring of grant recipients’ performance in delivering what they promised.

The LDA part of the Panel’s work will also suggest new processes to guarantee probity and value for money.

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, said: "Patience Wheatcroft will be fearless and dogged in pursuit of the truth about recent practices at the LDA.  My administration has much to learn from Eddie Lister and Stephen Greenhalgh’s experience of delivering value for money to London taxpayers and will benefit greatly from the financial acumen of Patrick Frederick."

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