Greenhalgh for Deputy Mayor

stephen greenhalghCllr Stephen Greenhalgh was removed from the list of new Deputy Mayors of London amid uncertainty over his continuing role as a Hammersmith & Fulham councillor, but has confirmed his wish to take up the role.

He is due to step down as leader of the council in June, but planned to continue his role as councillor for Town Ward, which includes White City. However, he will not be allowed to perform the two roles at the same time.

cllr stephen greenhalgh

Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh speaking at Place West London 2010

The Fulham Chronicle reports he was set to be appointed Deputy Mayor for policing alongside Boris’ other deputies announced this week but had to be held back from the announcement while the position was clarified.

Cllr Greenhalgh is keen to take up the Deputy Mayoral post – in a LBHF statement, he said: “I had intended to honour my commitments as a backbench councillor but, unfortunately, it is clear that, based on the current legislation this would appear not to be possible. Therefore, with regret, it is now my intention to stand down from the council, subject to confirmation to the new post.”

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