GLA will talk suburbs at London Plan examination

Two London Assembly members intend to raise outer london issues during the Examination in Public (EiP) of Boris Johnson’s London Plan.

Nicky Gavron will ask what support the planning system could give to boroughs to promote new ways of working, including exploiting information and communications technology to make suburban areas and town centres appropriate places to work from.

Andrew Boff will argue that the Mayor’s attempt to help protect London’s high streets by securing affordable retail units for small shops through section 106 contributions should be strengthened, and that boroughs should be empowered to negotiate with applicants on new retail developments and further support the capitals small shops in their role as providers of essential local services.

The purpose of the EiP is to test the draft London Plan the document that will shape the capital physically, environmentally and economically over the next two decades – and examine controversial issues and policies that were raised during the consultation process. 

The EiP runs from 28 June until 22 October.  It is the last opportunity for public debate and scrutiny of selected issues before an independent panel.


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