Gasholder consultation opens

nine elms gas holders aerialNational Grid is opening a consultation on its plans to demolish four redundant gasholders in the Nine Elms regeneration area.

National Grid’s future plans for the site – which would be subject to a separate public consultation – are to work with a development partner to build homes, shops, offices, leisure facilities and new public spaces to connect neighbouring communities to the heart of Nine Elms.

Keith Johnston from National Grid explained: “We no longer need the holders to supply gas to the local community. Demolishing them and cleaning up the site will unlock its redevelopment potential and enable it to play a crucial role in the Nine Elms regeneration which is breathing fresh life into the area.”

Councillor Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “The gasholders occupy an important site between the established communities in the south of Battersea and the new town centre planned around the power station.”

If the demolition plans are approved work could start on the site in the spring.

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