Fulham is West London’s burglary blackspot

fulham palace roadFulham is the only West London location in a top 20 burglary hotspot list.

The list, produced by moneysupermarket.com puts Fulham 18th nationally, behind Arnold in Nottinghamshire, Leicester, Sheffield and others. Fuham is fifth in the London league, behind Clapham, Hornsey, Croydon and Walthamstow. Moneysupermarket say this means home contents insurance premiums in these areas will be higher than in others.

However, the local police chief has pointed out that burglary in Fulham is actually falling – the Met say that recent police data shows 1,541 break-ins in the year to July, compared to 2,020 the previous year. Every ward in Fulham has seen significant falls in domestic burglary – with Munster recording the biggest fall of 43 per cent.

Ch Supt Hurley said: “It is important that residents know that over the past three years we have the best record on cutting domestic burglary in the Met.”

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