Free WiFi for Barnet

Barnet Council has announced that it will sign a contract with Arqiva Limited to provide public Wi-Fi across the borough – with 30 minutes free internet access a day.

Arqiva will set up Wi-Fi boxes and 4G cells on Barnet Council’s street lighting and CCTV columns for a period of 10 years. Arqiva will make these new networks available for mobile phone operators to lease.

A Wi-Fi network will be rolled out over the coming year at various locations across Barnet, with particular focus on the borough’s town centres. As well as 30 minutes free internet access, users will also be allowed unlimited access to Barnet Council’s website and some other key public services.

Barnet Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Dean Cohen, said: “We are looking at many different ways to support our town centres in Barnet and this project will do just that. It shows that the Council is serious about providing a platform for sustainable growth in the borough.”

Nicolas Ott, managing director of government, mobile and enterprise at Arqiva, said: “Our partnership means that Barnet’s residents, businesses and visitors will benefit from the fast, reliable and ‘always-on’ connectivity which we all have come to expect, wherever we are.”


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