Free School plans change

Rivendale Primary Free School, which had planned to move to the site of a health centre in White City, has decided against, and now needs a new location.

Rivendale Primary had told prospective parents they were hoping to take over the Milson Road Medical Centre in West Kensington. However, NHS Hammersmith will be unable to move the facilities until after the start of the next school year. Added to local opposition, this has forced a rethink, and Rivendale have withdrawn their interest in the Milson Road site.

The school will now look for another site, but continue to aim to open in September 2011. James Woods, project manager of the Rivendale scheme, told the Fulham Chronicle: “We are actively undertaking the search for suitable premises, and recent events demonstrate that this is a challenge in a densely populated borough. Once potential premises have been identified we will undertake both informal and statutory consultation.”

A spokesman for NHS Hammersmith and Fulham told the Chronicle that the future of the Milson Road site remains under review.

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