Formula E gets planning go ahead

Wandsworth Councillors have agreed to grant planning consent for this summer’s Formula E championship in Battersea Park.

The borough’s planning committee has awarded the organisers planning permission to stage a weekend of racing in the park on July 2 & 3. The decision clears the final hurdle for the electric racing car championships to again be staged in the park this summer.

Last year’s inaugural weekend of racing attracted more than 55,000 spectators.

The construction arrangements for this year’s event have been amended to ensure that the impact on people’s everyday use and enjoyment of the park will be minimised and more areas of the park will be kept open for longer prior to the race weekend.

As was the case last year parking controls in the area around the park will be extended so that only residents are able to park. There will be no parking nearby for race fans who will again be advised to travel to the event by public transport.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We learned a great deal last year when Formula E first came to the park and we are working very closely with the organisers to make sure that these lessons are implemented for this year’s set-up and de-rig.

“It is also worth stressing that the dire warnings that some opponents of the event issued beforehand that the park would be devastated and ruined proved to be totally unfounded, as we knew they would be. However we are not in any way complacent and we will be very closely monitoring the build and de-rig phases extremely carefully to ensure the park is properly safeguarded again this year.”

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