Football Clubs to take charge of matchday traffic

Fulham and QPR are to take responsibility, and to pay for, matchday traffic and parking control.

The move, to take effect in August when the new football season begins, will save Hammersmith & Fulham Council around £100,000 a year. Chelsea are also trialling taking control.

Since 2002, the job has been carried out by the Metropolitan Police, with major support from Hammersmith & Fulham Council, which pays for all traffic management costs. The council has been providing and putting up parking suspension signs and road barriers, and also has had to send a lead officer to each match to help deal with parking and safety issues.

Now the clubs will take responsibility for traffic management, while the police will, of course, continue to police the area on matchdays. Whether the clubs will absorb the cost or seek to raise extra revenue in some way is not clear.

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