FC and council team up

Barnet FC Community Trust has teamed up with Barnet Council to help young people in a new project called “Barnet Unites Kicks”.

BUK has received just under £10,000 from Barnet Council’s corporate grants programme as part of a new initiative aimed at 14 to 18 year olds not in education, training or employment – with a particular focus on young offenders. The project kicked off at the start of September.

Up to 30 young people have been receiving four hours of sports coaching a week, workshops on subjects such as crime, citizenship and money management, and the opportunity to graduate on to the Barnet FC Scholarship programme and gain Football Association qualifications.

Barnet Unites Kicks will be building on the work of the Kickz scheme, which the police saw as a positive contributor to the 18.8% reduction in crime over the last four years.

The project was put together after a consultation with the Youth and Community Service, the Safety Neighbourhood Teams and the Metropolitan Police.

Barnet FC Community Trust Manager, Birtug Kazim, said: “We come across many creative, talented and enthusiastic young people who have so much to offer, and we’re delighted to help channel those energies into contributing positively to society and in supporting them developing into young adults.”

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