Farrells show off Earls Court masterplan

Farrells have shown their Earls Court competition winning masterplan as based around four new ‘villages’, and a new High Street joining Hammersmith to Kensington.

The plans were shown during last week’s World Architecture Festival, when the entry was shortlisted in the ‘masterplaning’ category. Eugene Dreyer of Farrells presented the masterplan at the eent, saying it sought to “repair a fault line through west London”. The line is clearly visible on a satellite photo, running aong the line of the forgotten Couchers Creek.

In old times, the creek was one of London’s industrial rivers, said Dreyer, in showing how the masterplan seeks to connect Hammersmith to Kensington across the fault line which is now described by roads and railways.

They are looking to create four new ‘villages’ – West Kensington, North End Village, Warwick Green village and West Brompton. Three have a tubestation, but no easily identifiable walking route between them, which is something the masterplan seeks to solve by building on the idea of a 21st century high street.

The concept of a high street is as more than simply a place to shop, but a place for culture, social infrastructure, work and community facilities. The “4V + 1H” concept behind the masterplan refers to four villages linked by one high street, which makes the hoped for connection between Hammersmith and Kensington.

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