Heathrow: Thrive or Die?

Heathrow: Thrive or die?
4-6pm, March 4, London

Speakers: Lord Clive Soley; Corin Taylor, Senior Economic Advisor, Institute of Directors; Nigel Milton, Director of Policy & Political Relations, Heathrow Airport; SEGRO representative.

Hosted by Lookwest, and Business West

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Heathrow Airport is highly important to the West London economy. With one in five jobs directly connected to the airport, and much of the enterprise in Park Royal, Southall, and along the Great West Road related to its presence, there’s no doubt that the futures of Heathrow and the west London economy are intimately linked. It’s important, then, to understand and take part in the current debate around aviation capacity in the South East, and Heathrow’s future role in satisfying it.

At present, Heathrow is the UK’s hub airport. No-one denies that it is already almost at capacity, or that the performance of UK Plc would be affected in the long term if capacity in general is not expanded. But can Heathrow stay at its present size, while other airports grow or a new hub airport built from scratch? Is it possible to have two hub airports in the south east, or link to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted by surface transport? If, as is contended by many, a new hub airport elsewhere would close Heathrow, what might the consequences be for the West London economy?

This debate is raging, and many interests are representing themselves to the Davies Review, which will produce an interim report this year, which could rule expansion at Heathrow out. It is therefore important for west London employers to take a view, and make their voices heard. If a decision is taken which does not reflect the needs of business, then the economy will certainly suffer, and West London’s future could resemble London’s docklands c.1975.

Come to this event and learn what makes a hub airport work, and what futures might be possible for Heathrow, and our west London economy. Give us your opinions so we can represent them to the Davies Review. Make sure you are informed, and can make your voice heard.

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