A Sustainable Future for Heathrow

A free breakfast Seminar in Park Royal – 21 April, 2016

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Heathrow is a key contributor to the West London economy, both directly in terms of employment at the airport and in companies closely related to it, and through the connections it makes available for businesses to assist the export of goods and services.

It enables better business for many businesses in Ealing and around West London, and in Park Royal in particular it allows a wide range of businesses to export all over the World, and to import goods and ship on to the rest of the UK.

It brings issues though – a successful airport brings traffic, both in the air and on the road. How can this be managed for the existing airport, and, with an eye to the future, for a potentially larger one? And what opportunities exist for businesses now and in the future?

With a pro-active approach to surface transport management can we actually reduce traffic on the roads around Ealing and Park Royal? Can we manage the flight paths and approach and take off routes to reduce any noise issues that might arise? And can we improve air quality while increasing business?

Heathrow’s experts on these subject have plans to do just that, and will set them before you, giving you an insight into how our airport can continue to deliver increasing opportunity to the sub-region’s businesses.

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8am – Registration and breakfast

9am – Welcome from the chair

9.15am – Surface Access – Chris Joyce, Heathrow Airport – what can the Airport do to reduce traffic on the roads moving people and goods to and from Heathrow? How can we move people on to public transport, and rationalise and reduce the frieght related traffic?

9.45am – Air Quality – George Davies, Heathrow Airport – Local Air Quality affects our ability to do business, as it affects the health and ability to work of the talent pool. What action is Heathrow taking to address airport-related emissions? How can Park Royal work in partnership with the Airport, TfL and Government to tackle emissions? How can sustainable transport deliver better air quality?

10.15am – Cargo – Nick Platts, Heathrow Airport – Cargo is the life blood of Park Royal, and other parts of Ealing like Greenford. It’s easy movement helps businesses trade more efficiently, and more flexible routes and destinations allow firms to deal with more customers, creating more local wealth and employment. What can the Airport do to enhance Heathrow as a cargo port, and what opportunities will this produce for companies in the sub-region?

10.45am – Q&A

11.15am – Close

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