Estates plan gets positive consultation

Winstanley York Road Feb_2014_web2Plans for the regeneration of the York Road and Winstanley estates have had a positive consultation, say Wandsworth Council.

The plans would see hundreds of homes rebuilt alongside a new park, leisure centre, library and community centre.

Wandsworth Council plan to see invest up to £100m across these two neighbouring estates and the Alton West estate in Roehampton. The York Road and Winstanley estates were built in the 1960s and 70s and are located next door to Clapham Junction Station in the heart of Battersea.

Leader of Wandsworth Council Ravi Govindia said: “We offered estate residents four investment options ranging from refurbishment and environmental works to a comprehensive rebuilding project. Seventy per cent of responses came back in favour of the more radical approach.

“Based on the community’s response we have drawn up a ‘preferred option’ for the estates which would see a large section of the neighbourhood completely transformed. Many of the existing 1960s and 70s housing blocks and shops would be replaced with modern buildings built around a traditional street pattern.

“Some other blocks would be refurbished and throughout both estates we are proposing new investment in street lighting, landscaping and other environmental improvements which will give the entire neighbourhood a visible lift.

“We are also proposing a brand new library, leisure centre and community centre which would be terrific assets and would draw more people into this part of Battersea. The existing park would be greatly improved including new sports pitches and better children’s play facilities.

“The scheme would also create a new public square outside the entrance to Clapham Junction Station on Grant Road. This would be lined with new shops, cafés and businesses to provide a much more welcoming and attractive gateway to one of the country’s best connected transport hubs.

“A network of new and improved pedestrian and cycle paths would be created to better integrated the estates with the surrounding area. This would include new and attractive routes through the estates which link the Battersea riverside with Clapham Junction Station and Clapham Junction town centre.

“The redevelopment is part of a much wider package of support the council is focusing on the Winstanley and York Road communities. Alongside the physical changes we have launched an employment support service to help our residents take advantage of an improving jobs market and a mentoring programme is now up and running to help young adults achieve their full potential.”

The council’s housing overview and scrutiny committee will consider a report on the preferred option for the estate and will decide whether to endorse further development of the preferred option.

The scheme would the have another consultation later this year, with work possibly starting in 2016.

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