Eric Parry shows plans for former Dairy Crest site

White City dairy crest sketch may 2012Eric Parry, of Eric Parry Architects, has shown off his plans for the Helical Bar/Aviva owned former Diary Crest site in White City.

The plans for the 10 acre site just south of the Westway and east of the BBC Media Village, involve a comprehensive regeneration of the site in line with the overall plan in the Greater London Authority Opportunity Area Planning Framework.

They will deliver around 1200 homes as well as commercial office space in buildings mostly of 8 to 10 storeys, although there is one proposed tall building at the north eastern corner of the site. The ground level across most of the site will be raised around a storey to allow better connections to the surrounding areas. Indeed, connecting the new spaces within the site- to the under-construction Imperial West campus via a route under the Westway and to the BBC site across Wood Lane – is a vital part of the thinking behind the plans.

The public realm has a mixed treatment, with the main entrance from Wood Lane being across a 30m wide land bridge across the Central Line into a hard-landscaped plaza. This mixes with a green space modelled on a traditional London square, and a 125m landscaped public garden running the length of the site,  and to the east a woodland walk buffering the site from the West London Line and West Cross rail route.

Parry explained his choice of brick as the main facade language partly as a reference to the predominant construction material in west London mansion block style housing, and also as a reference to the site’s history as a brickworks before it became a dairy.

Parry was speaking at the New London Architecture ‘on location’ event in White City.

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