English Heritage buys Harmondsworth Barn

English Heritage have bought a medieval barn in Hillingdon, which it says is as of much historic importance as the Houses of parliament, for £20,000.

The barn dates from 1426, and remains largely as it was built, on a site now between Heathrow and the M4. English Heritage say they will save it from neglect and decay, and open it to the public twice a month to start with, and more often in the future.

The barn was used until the 1970s but fell into disrepair under the ownership of an offshore company which bought it in 2006. EH asked for emergency repairs to be made last year, and a dispute over payment for the works led to them buying the barn.

Michael Dunn, historic buildings inspector for the heritage agency, told the BBC the building was the best preserved and largest surviving medieval timber barn in England.

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