EC&O look to fight Olympia spur closure

Earls Court & Olympia (EC&O) the copany which owns the two exhibition centres, has started a campaign against the removal of Olympia Station from the Tube network.

TfL recently announced that the weekday service to Olympia, the spur from Earls Court, would be discontinued from December this year. They argue it is poorly used, and that making the change will allow more trains to run on the Wimbledon branch of the district line, which is congested.

The London Overground service to Olympia will be increased from three to four trains an hour to compensate, from May 2011.

EC&O are now working to get this decision changed. In a letter to customers, EC&O say they have begun  a “strategic lobbying campaign to ensure Olympia retains its position as the one of the best connected venues in London”.

They say they have already met with TfL to “gain further clarity on how they plan to manage the movement of people to the Exhibition Centre”, and have meetings with the Council, London Underground and the GLA.

They have local MP Andy Slaughter on their side. He is “a vocal advocate of the service”, they say.

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