Easyjet backs Heathrow

The UK’s biggest budget airline easyJet has submitted its response to the Airports Commission’s national consultation, in which it states that “expansion at Heathrow would provide the greatest passenger and economic benefits”.

In a foreword by Easyjet Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, the submission states: “It is clear that long haul airlines want to expand at Heathrow and if they can’t, they will do so not at Gatwick but at other airports such as Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.”

“Heathrow does not currently have low cost, short haul airlines but an expanded Heathrow would allow airlines like easyJet to operate there – providing more competition which will mean new routes, more services and lower fares. easyJet’s costs are on average 40% lower than legacy airlines and so we expect to be able to more than offset the increase in airport charges.

“By comparison, the Gatwick proposal requires a significant increase in airport charges. This would inevitably lead to higher fares for Gatwick’s passengers, the vast majority of whom are flying for leisure.”

A Heathrow sokesperson said: “We are delighted that easyJet wants to operate from an expanded Heathrow. It is great news for Heathrow passengers and we look forward to working with easyJet to deliver new routes and services.”

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