Ealing’s first business area neighbourhood plan

A consultation has opened on a neighbourhood plan for the Ealing Broadway area.

The Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum, a body which aims to represent businesses and residents, has been working on the details of a local plan which will influence development in the town centre over the next 10 years.

The Forum’s Plan concentrates on four sets of issues, based, they say, on earlier consultation. These cover the future of Ealing’s economy; its heritage of architecture and green space; transport and the public realm; and cultural and community facilities.

After the consultation, the Forum’s final plan will be submitted to Ealing Council, and should it pass examination, be put to a local referendum.

Central Ealing, together with central West Ealing, are two Neighbourhood Forums which together cover the Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre. This stretches along the Uxbridge Road from Ealing Common to Hanwell. The two Forums were officially recognised in 2012 as bodies qualified to produce Neighbourhood Plans.

Both areas have been designated as ‘business areas’, meaning that their plans have to be developed jointly by local residents and businesses, and will only come into force if approved by a majority of both communities in separate referendums.

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