Ealing to give away £6m

ealing councilMore than 122,000 taxpayers will be given £50 “cashback” from Ealing Council in a £6million plus package to fight the recession.

The Coucnil agreed the plan at a Council meeting on July 14. The one-off Value for Money Premium will be given to council tax paying households across the borough and is the biggest scheme of its type ever run by a council in the country.

Payments will be made by 1 December to give people extra cash in time for the Christmas shopping period. The Council says residents will be encouraged to spend the one-off windfall payment in the borough so that local businesses benefit. They plan to do this by giving people free parking in all of Council car parks each weekend throughout December.  The council is also calling on local businesses to give residents special discounts to boost trade.

Council Leader, Jason Stacey, said: Ealing Council has built up strong reserves to see us through these difficult economic times.  But, it is also important to remember that this money belongs to local people so it is only right that we give back some money during the recession.” 

Conservative and Labour councillors all backed the plan, while the Lib Dems opposed it, saying the money should be spent on regeneration initiatives.

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