Ealing rising

Ealing has topped the West London house price rise charts.

Prices in Ealing rose by 20.8% in 2014, outperforming the Greater London average, which was 16.3%, according to figures from Property Market Analyst and Commentator Kate Faulkner.

This was still someway behind the fastest price rises over the East side of town, with those in Waltham Forest rising by 25.1%, and in Newham by 24.2%.

Elsewhere in West London, prices in Barnet (15.5%), Hillingdon (15.9%) and Brent (16.1%) were all below the London average, while Harrow (17.6%), Wandsworth (17.8%), Hammersmith and Fulham (18.8%) and Hounslow (18.9%) were all above it.

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