Ealing retail vacancies climb

The Local Data Company end of year report shows continuing growth in vacancy rates in Ealing – but it could be worse.

Ealing’s retail vacancy rate is now 16%, up from 10% a year ago. However, other parts of London fare worse, with North Cheam posting an uneviable 27.7% vacancy rate. No west London centre makes the top 20 in London for retail vacancies. And while most centres show a decline in retail fortunes, some, including Fulham, have reduced vacancy rates over the last year.

London fares better than the rest of the country. Close by, Watford and Luton both show vacancies around 20%, but the North is worst hit. Rotherham and Morecambe head the lists with voids around 30% of available stock, and growing at over 10%pa.

West London centres retail vacancy rates, as reported by the Local Data Company, are:

Ealing          16.9%
Acton            14.9%
Wembley     10.1%
Hounslow     9.4%
Harrow          8.0%
Uxbridge       8.0%
Pinner            6.8%
Ruislip           6.2%
Hayes            5.6%

See coverage of last year’s LDC numbers.

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