Ealing refuses Southall Biofuels plant

LB Ealing has refused the planning application for Blue-NG’s planned biofuels plant on the Southall Gasworks site. The plan had been for a CHP reactor burning vegetable oil.

Blue-NG is part owned by National Grid, the owner of the Southall site. They told the Ealing Gazette they were “disappointed and somewhat perplexed” by the decision not to recommend approval.

Chief executive officer Andrew Mercer said: “Councillors have made their recommendation to the Greater London Authority (GLA), which will have the final say on the application. We must now do a better job of persuading the Mayor of London that what we are proposing is good for Ealing and the capital.”

“Ealing’s planning officers supported our application and, in an interim response, the GLA has said that the scheme could help London meet some of its renewable targets for heat and electricity.”

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