Ealing policy could affect Gunnersbury Park

large mansion at gunnersburyLB Ealing have passed a motion on green space that could affect the proposals for the sale of part of Gunnersbury Park.

The idea of selling off part of the Park for development as housing had come about to try to close a £12m funding gap for plans to refurbish the buildings in the Park – the two mansions in particular, which are both in poor condition.

Now LB Ealing’s main Council meeting has passed a motion which seems to preclude such action. The motion said: This council is committed to preserving the boroughs parks and green spaces and enhancing their role as providing amenity for the community. This council is committed to improving Gunnersbury Park but rules out selling parts of the park to developers to help pay for it.

LB Hounslow, which jointly manages the Park with LB Ealing, has issued a statement which says: “This could change Ealings policy and strategy on options previously agreed with Hounslow to find a way of guaranteeing a future for Gunnersbury Park. The results of the joint Ealing & Hounslow programme of public consultation are now likely to be of even greater value in finding the option that will keep Gunnersbury open to the public for generations to come.We are looking forward to hearing full details of the Ealings new policy at the next meeting of the Gunnersbury Park Joint Advisory Panel. We will at the same time look in detail at what options are favoured by the local residents who use and appreciate what Gunnersbury Park has to offer.”

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