Ealing offer money for Gunnersbury

LB Ealing has offered £5m for the regneration of Gunnersbury Park, as an alternative to the sale of part of the parkland for development, reports the Ealing Gazette..

Ealing Council is unhappy with the scheme proposed by Jura Consultants which would involve selling a strip of land along Lionel Road North, Brentford for housing development to provide funding to renew the buildings and landscape in the Park, which would cost around £39m.

Ealing Council want Hounslow Council, with whom it shares management of the Park, to add money, as well as English Heritage. LB Hounslow has always said it cannot find the money, hence the scheme to sell part of the parkland.

Hounslow’s Executive Member for Leisure, Cllr Becky Stewart, said: “we are next meeting with Ealing Council to discuss Gunnersbury early in the New Year. Both councils recognise the different bank balances and different community demands and service priorities facing them as partners. We are looking forward to the meeting and to exploring options for ways forward; we are also hoping to get full details of the proposal from Ealing we first heard of some weeks ago for £5m in extra funding for Gunnersbury.

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