Ealing is a happy place, says survey

A survey shows that Ealing residents are more likely to feel well, and be happy with where they live.

The survey, carried out in October and November 2018, shows that almost eight out of 10 people living in the borough are happy with the local area. People in the borough also scored their personal wellbeing higher than in other parts of the capital and the country.

The results buck national trends which have seen these sorts of satisfaction levels drop.

BMG research was commissioned to carry out the independent survey on behalf of the council. A representative sample of 1,253 local people were interviewed face-to-face and asked a series of questions to find out what they thought about living in the borough and council services.

The top reasons people gave for being satisfied with the area were the friendly people, quiet neighbourhoods and good access to public transport.

Personal wellbeing compared well to other areas of London and the UK. Results were taken from scores showing levels of life satisfaction, happiness, life being worthwhile and levels of anxiety. Four out of five people reported that they were in good health and figures show that 81% of people in Ealing are happy.

The results show that community cohesion continues to be strong with 86% of people saying that people from different ethnic backgrounds get on well.

When asked about the government’s plans to build a third runway at Heathrow airport, almost seven out of 10 people agreed that it should be built.

Commenting on the survey, council chief executive, Paul Najsarek said: “Finding out what local people think about the local area and our services is invaluable and so I’m very grateful to everyone who took part.

“It is great to see that people feel happy and well and like where they live and, on the whole, feel positively about the council. This is a great foundation on which the council and the community can work together to build an even better borough for the future.”

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