Ealing HMV falls victim to Westfield?

The owners of HMV have pointed to Westfield as one of the reasons their Ealing store is to close.

The HMV in Ealing Broadway, which employed 15 staff, is to close this month. Footfall decrease in Ealing Broadway following the opening of Westfield has been cited as one of the reasons for the closure. An HMV spokesperson told the Ealing Gazette that some retailers in the area might say “local purchasing habits have been influenced by the opening of Westfield a little while back”.

There are, of course, other factors. HMV sells music and film, a market severely challenged by online retailing.Also in the same group is Waterstones, which is also closing stores, and is again in a market more challenged than most by internet businesses.

However, one might expect such a chain to be closing stores in smaller locations than Ealing, London’s third most populous borough, so there may be a “Westfield effect”. Shortly after the shopping centre opened, footfall in Ealing Broadway fell around 7%. There have been no figures since this to show what has happened since.

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