Ealing gets Mayoral cash

Ealing has been awarded a chunk of £40m of Mayoral money for works to help Southall draw further benefit from Crossrail.

The London Enterprise Panel (LEP) has recommended four projects across London to share £40m. The schemes backed by the LEP are in areas where ambitious regeneration plans are in place and where transport infrastructure will help unlock significant economic growth.

Ealing Council have been allocated £6.8m to accelerate development and improve road access ahead of Crossrail arrival. The money would support Ealing Council’s plans to enable the development of land immediately adjacent to the new Crossrail station at Southall, to undertake first phase of infrastructure works to facilitate housing developments in the station’s vicinity, and to make junction improvements to South Road to help attract investment into Southall Gateway and South Gasworks sites. The Mayor estimates this investment will support the delivery of more than 1000 new homes and 3000-4000sqm of retail space by 2019.

The other recipients are improved rail links between Tottenham Hale and the Upper Lee Valley; major road improvements in Bexley; and station improvements at Angel Road, Enfield. Collectively the Mayor hopes the projects could safeguard existing or create 45,000 jobs, support the construction of tens of thousands of homes and attract significant private investment into deprived areas.

The proposals will now progress to a final stage, including more detailed work developing business cases, technical modelling and delivery mechanisms.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: ‘Transport links are a vital precursor to economic development. This money is earmarked for investment into transport schemes which have significant potential to stimulate growth and job creation. I welcome the London Enterprise Panel’s assessment of which projects are best placed to do this and City Hall will now be working with the bid teams to progress these ambitious proposals.’

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise and co-chair of the London Enterprise Panel, said: ‘We’ve selected four ambitious projects that meet strong criteria in terms of their ability to support regeneration and create significant numbers of jobs. I am delighted to confirm this investment into infrastructure that will have a major impact for people in these areas.’

Harvey McGrath, co-chair of the London Enterprise Panel, said: ‘The London Enterprise Panel is working with the Mayor to catalyse opportunities for growth. These transport projects have been selected to do just that, stimulating and attracting private sector investment into areas of London that are ripe for development.’

The £40million investment is part of a £111million pot secured by Mayor from the Government’s Growing Places fund to support the work of the London Enterprise Panel.

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