Ealing Council helps to boost employment

Pat_hayes_2Ealing Council has joined big employers in a the JobCentre Plus (JCP) scheme, which aims to help unemployed people into jobs.

The scheme is aimed at those who find it hard to get a job, like lone parents or those returning to work after a long absence.  Companies already taking part include the Tesco, Marks and Spencer and B&Q.

The Council will work with JCP to run workshops for job seekers to give them practical advice on how to apply for Council job vacancies.  Some will be able to take-up a work placement to see how they like working for the Council, and to help them get used to working.

Executive Director of Housing and Regeneration, Pat Hayes signed the borough up to the scheme. “This is a really important initiative and I’m really pleased that Ealing is one of the first London boroughs to have signed the pledge.  This scheme isn’t about helping people to cut corners to get a job.  We all know how daunting it can be starting a new job, but imagine how challenging it is for people who’ve been out of the workplace for a long time.  The aim is to help people, who often have a lot to offer, to overcome the barriers that are stopping them from finding a job and provide them with a little extra support to help them through the process.”

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