Ealing congestion-busting turns to bus lanes

After switching off the traffic lights, LB Ealing are looking at their bus lanes to see how they can ease congestion.

Recently, LB Ealing announced they would be switching off traffic lights at a number of junctions. Now selected bus lanes across Ealing could be shortened, suspended or limited to peak hours as part of ongoing efforts to cut congestion. The council’s cabinet has agreed to review all 45 sections of bus lane in Ealing and trial a range of measures to help ease congestion, improve consistency and reduce confusion at 13 high-priority locations.

The proposed measures include:

  • Suspending the northbound bus lane on South Road, Southall;
  • Shortening three stretches of bus lane on Ruislip Road and Uxbridge Road;
  • Reducing the hours of operation of 24/7 bus lanes on Uxbridge Road and The Vale/High Street at Acton to standard peak hours only;
  • Ensuring bus lanes have a consistent end time of 7pm from Monday to Friday; and
  • Improving lane markings and signage.

All measures are subject to consultation, with approved trials expected to get underway in August 2009.

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