Ealing builds skills and provides homes

LB Ealing plans a pilot scheme giving people the opportunity to jump the queue for affordable housing if they agree to learn renovation skills, from plumbing to carpentry.

The pilot scheme is a first for a London Council. LB Ealing will find empty, rundown, privately owned properties and get trainees to renovate them, then live in them. The property owner will benefit, reason the Council, by a refurbished property, and a tenant with a stake in the home.

Councillor Will Brooks, Ealing’s housing chief, told the Evening Standard: We are trying to help people to help themselves. About 11,000 are currently on our waiting list for housing. We are trying to solve two problems at once property standing empty and an excess of people looking for affordable housing.

The plan is expected to be passed next week. The council will team up with local colleges, which will offer young people an apprenticeship in a building trade.


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