Ealing approves Crossrail spend

crossrail_ealing_broadway_twilightEaling Council has approved how £7.3million will be allocated to improving the areas surrounding the borough’s five Crossrail stations.

The council was awarded the money from Transport for London’s Crossrail Complementary Measures fund – and it represents close to one quarter of the total £28.5million pot made available for the whole of London.

It will be spent on improving the areas immediately around Acton Main Line, Ealing Broadway, Hanwell, Southall and West Ealing stations. The funding will be allocated over the four financial years 2015/16 to 2018/19 in line with arrangements agreed between TfL and London boroughs.

Initial designs have been drawn up which will be subject to further consultation but the projects could mean better facilities such as cycle parking and seating, as well as improved accessibility to stations, through better layout and enhanced station forecourts.

Pat Hayes, regeneration and housing executive director, said: “This money will improve the environment around all the Crossrail stations and make using them a more pleasurable experience. The programme is a good example of the broader benefits the council has been able to secure from Crossrail.”

A small amount of work may start this year, on lighting, CCTV, and enhanced crossing works to the south of Hanwell Station, and further improvements would take place at a later date.

David Rowe, Crossrail head of borough projects and programmes, said: “We look forward to starting work in Ealing and bringing the advantages of an improved transport to another borough.

“Coupled with this, we are providing £28.5million of support to Ealing and other boroughs along the route to ensure that the areas outside of the stations are safer and more pleasant from the first day of operating the new services. These improvements will mean better facilities for those arriving on foot, by bike, by bus or by other means.”

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