Ealing agrees CT freeze

Ealing Council has signed off on its seventh consecutive council tax freeze.

The freeze has been agreed against a backdrop of a £22.7million cut in the council’s annual government funding. This is a 14.7% reduction compared to last year and is a bigger cut than the national average of 13.9%, say the council.

Despite making progress against savings targets, the council says it still needs to identify £28.9million of further cuts if it is to reach its target in the next four years.

The council has a programme of investment funded through borrowing, using reserves, grants and Section 106 contributions. Projects include £45million to expand secondary schools, £8.3million towards Gunnersbury Park’s sports facilities, £4million to improve roads and pavements, and £480,000 to start work on the Dine in Southall restaurant and hospitality training school at Southall Manor House.

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