Dunn takes reins in SK

ros dunnRos Dunn, formerly CEO at the Thames Gateway London Partnership, has taken over from Jackie Sadek as Chair of the South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust.

Jackie Sadek was appointed independent chair of the South Kilburn New Deal for Communities in September 2007. After the end of the 10-year scheme in 2010 she continued to head up the South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust.

She is stepping away in order to take her message of community-led regeneration national, through her new business, UK Regeneration. Her first scheme is in Nottingham.

Jackie has now handed the reins over to Ros Dunn as the new Independent Chair and said: “I am deeply proud of our achievements in South Kilburn over the last five years and do not think I could be leaving its stewardship in better hands”.

Ros says: “I’m a former Brent resident, and lived in Queen’s Park and Kilburn for 25 years before moving south of the river. In the six years since I left Brent, an amazing amount has happened in terms of new developments coming out of the ground, and the opportunity for residents to move into new high quality, even award-winning, accommodation.”



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