Drones to flock to Charter

Landid, developers of the Charter Building in Uxbridge are hosting a pop-up drone race to promote the building.

The Landid/Brockton JV who developed the building say they aim to create a ‘buzzing workspace’ in their buildings, so putting a drone race into the building reflects that approach.

It is effectively a marketing event for the building but it is also a fun way of putting on an event for local people and local businesses who may want to move into the building – the marketing of office buildings to potential clients is often quite stale, involving building tours, drinks and canapes and speeches – so Landid and Brockton are trying to do things differently and bring some welcome excitement and fun into the space.

This is the first time a drone race has been held inside an office building in the UK. The event will involve around 30 of the UK’s best drone pilots; they will compete over a series of races over the course of the day, with 6 drones in each race – this will then culminate in a knockout series of races and a grand final.

Many of these pilots will be competing in the UK’s first Drone Racing League race which will be held at Alexandra Palace in June. The event is expected to draw a crowd to Uxbridge, which will be a positive in itself, it will be open to the public as well as invited local businesses and will run from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 20 May, 2017.

Chris Hiatt, Landid director said: “We have developed a fantastic building – it really is beautifully finished  –  and I was a little nervous about the idea of having these drones buzzing about the place and chipping the paint work or cracking a window.  But then I saw a demonstration and it’s incredible how well these guys can fly these things – it’s precision stuff and at speed. Now I can’t wait to see the race in action.  The Charter Building is an innovative design-led office space – we have created a workspace unlike anything else in Uxbridge and we are bringing that spirit of creativity and innovation to this event. There hasn’t been anything like this in London before – it’s going to be a really fun day.”

The Charter Building is a brand new 240,000 sq ft office building which was developed speculatively by a partnership between Landid and Brockton Capital and completed in February 2017. It is the largest new office building in Uxbridge, and one of the largest new office buildings in the South East of England, with floor plates of nearly one acre.

It was a refurbishment of the former Coca Cola HQ, designed by dn-a architects, which saw the 1980s office building completely stripped back to its structural frame and transformed.

The building is currently empty ahead of occupiers moving in and the developer Landid is keen to use the space in fun and innovative ways that attract both potential occupiers and involves the local community.

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