Dreamliner brings noise relief?

dreamlinerHopes for reduced aircraft noise will be heightened with the start of the UK’s first scheduled Boeing 787 Dreamliner service.

Qatar Airways is the first airline to operate the 787 at Heathrow and the move marks the first scheduled 787 service to a UK airport. The craft boasts a noise footprint 60 per cent quieter than similarly sized aircraft and will contribute to Heathrow’s stated ambition to host one of the most modern aircraft fleets in the world.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability Director, says: “We know aircraft noise can disturb people living under the flight path and are therefore delighted that Qatar Airways have chosen to fly one of the world’s quietest aircraft out of Heathrow. This is another example of our drive to encourage the quietest and cleanest planes to come to Heathrow as we try to reduce the impact of the airport on the local community.”

Heathrow encourages the introduction of new, quieter aircraft by charging them lower landing fees and developing infrastructure such as stands and taxiways to accommodate larger aircraft like A380s. The airport already hosts nine A380s – which produce half the noise of their nearest rival when taking off. Heathrow expects to have approximately thirty A380s and approximately thirty B787s by 2020.

Aircraft noise is one of the key objections to expansion of Heathrow, or the operation of more night-time services.

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