Dollis Hill House demolition approved

LB Brent has approved its own plans for the demolition of the listed Dollis Hill House, although it says it has done so “reluctantly”.

Brent Council say they have “reluctantly formally approved planning permission for the demolition of Dollis Hill House”. Their decision must now be referred to the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport for his determination whether demolition of the listed building should go ahead.

Lead Member for Environment, Planning and Culture, Cllr James Powney, said: “It costs £20,000 a year to maintain Dollis Hill House in its present derelict state and keep it safe. Unfortunately, Brent Council cannot afford £5 million to restore it, or subsidise someone else to manage it. The council has spent 16 years looking for a viable future for Dollis Hill House but sadly none has emerged.”

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, declined to fund a restoration in 2008, and no-one else has stepped forward to rescue the derelict and now dangerous historic structure. Provided the Secretary of State gives assent, the site will be levelled and landscaped.

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