Dickens Yard on display

Dickensyrdsquare_315 The St George development featuring nearly 700 homes, significant retail, three open public spaces and a new community building goes into public consultation on May 7, with a display in the Town Hall, West Ealing Library and Acton Library.

This follows open meetings with members of the public held last summer, to help St George get feedback on what people wanted from the development for the centre of Ealing.

St George got backhanded praise from a pressure group, with Nick Woolven, the chairman of Save Ealing’s Centre, which represents 20 residents’ groups from around the borough, telling the Ealing TImes: "There are some aspects of the plan that have got merit, and we approve of the more involved consultation process that they followed in development compared with Glenkerrin". (The shelved Glenkerrin redevelopment of the Arcadia centre).

But he’s not completely happy: "We have got a number of concerns, including the height of some of the buildings and the governance process that allowed that increase.

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