Dickens Yard causes growing pain

Dickensyrdsquare_315 St George scheme Dickens Yard has begun to attract local opposition as the consultation draws to a close.

Locals have been complaining about the height of the scheme, at 14 storeys it is higher than in the original outline, and than in the urban design brief for the site.

While all opponents generally recognise the need for the redevelopment, and the positive outcomes it should produce, locals are agitating for a smaller scale to be preferred.

A council spokesperson told the Ealing Gazette: "The Urban design brief is only a guide for developers and is not intended to be prescriptive. The brief makes clear the key issue will be the quality of the design and the actual impact of development on the surrounding area."

"The council is still in the process of consulting local residents on the plans and will take all their views about the height of the building and any other factors into account when determining the application."

Consultation is open until June 27.

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