Design Guide for Harrow

LB Harrow is producing a new planning guide for Harrow Town Centre which aims to help developers get schemes through planning.

The Council has announced one of its key priorities for the next year is to draft a design guide for Harrow town centre, where several large-scale developments are in the pipeline. Councillor Marilyn Ashton, in charge of planning, is leading officers in writing the guide which should be in place by October, reports the Harrow Times.

She said: “We want to be a little more specific about what we expect to see in different areas. We want to make sure that we give a clue to people what we would like to see, what sort of applications would press the right buttons and what will be looked upon favourably.”

She said: “What we are looking for is something that really puts us on the map, we don’t want piecemeal development.”

Similar guides are also being drawn up this year for Wealdstone and for a council-owned car park in Stanmore, with the possibility of planning applications for large developments being lodged.

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