Dandara “messed about” by Harrow

dandara site in harrowHarrow Council’s planning portfolio holder has said the previous administration “messed about” with an application from developer Dandara.

Dandara submitted plans for the Harrow Town Centre former Post Office site, which were recommended for approval by officers, but refused by members on the grounds of over-development under the previous administration. Now the new planning portfolio holder, Keith Ferry, has told the Harrow Observer: “They’ve been messed around by the council. The idea of people having a large project like that, the idea that people spend £500,000 or £1m devising a scheme and bring it along to seven or eight amateurs who take a look at it and say ‘we don’t like that’ is not the way to do it at all. You won’t get developers if you go along like that.”

The Dandara plans were rejected by the council, and subsequently on appeal. However the inspector at the appeal made no mention of the scale of the development, leaing the door open for a resubmission of a tower block.

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