CWL 2018: Collaboration puts West London on a global scale

Collaborative efforts are crucial for West London to compete with international cities and to thrive, the Capital West London Growth Summit was told.

Paul Najsarek, chief executive for London Borough of Ealing, highlighted how the event was proof of West London’s excellence in joint working as many of its partners, including London Councils and the GLA, had representatives there.

“The summit symbolises the extent of the partnership we are trying to nurture from a growth point of view,” said Mr Najsarek, who has worked in West London for most of his career.

He added: “It also symbolises our commitment to working collaboratively on growth issues. West London boroughs, as important as they are in their own right, the economy of West London doesn’t stop at borough boundaries. We know we are punching above our weight by working together.

“We are competing with Frankfurt and Dubai and need to work together. I also believe it’s important for the public sector to show leadership and vision in terms of growth and the economy, and we also need to show our own distinct economy in West London.”

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