Crossrail survives CSR

Crossrail has survived the Comprehensive Spending Review, and will now be built, although some reports suggest it will be delayed a year in completion.

George Osbourne, the Chancellor, confirmed that funding for the cross-London line will be provided despite the massive cutbacks elsewhere. Reports elsewhere suggested that the completion date might go back to 2018, but there has been no official statement on this.

Crossrail has five stations in Ealing, and three in Hillingdon, including a spur to Heathrow. A future link to the High Speed rail line HS2 at Old Oak Commonin Hammersmith was the subject of much discussion at the Place West London conference last week.

Terry Morgan Crossrail Chairman said: “We welcome today’s strong statement by the Government of its firm support for the project. Today’s decision removes any remaining doubt that Crossrail is going ahead and that it will be built in its entirety.”

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