Crossrail lets Big Table stay

Crossrail has said that it has been able to reduce the extent of land required for a major sub-station at Great Western Road in west London.

As a result of Crossrail’s efforts to reduce the size of the sub-station site, a building at 56 Great Western Road is no longer required.

Crossrail has been working closely with Big Table, who lease the property from the railway, to ensure they can continue to trade as long as possible. Crossrail had already formally agreed with Big Table that the building would be retained to at least the end of 2012. Reducing the extent of land required for the sub-station means they will be able to remain for the duration of their lease.

The site is required for a major electrical sub-station to power Crossrail’s trains.

While a section of land behind the retail premises will still be required for access to tunnelling works and the future sub-station, Big Table has advised Crossrail that the business can continue to trade at the site.

Ian Lindsay, Crossrail Land and Property Director said: “Crossrail has been and will continue to make every effort to reduce the impact of Crossrail construction in west London. We have reduced the extent of land required for our sub-station and negotiated an alternative access. This means that the property at 56 Great Western Road can be retained for commercial use.”


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