CRL welcome new cohort of entrepreneurs

The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) has selected the candidates for their next Accelerator programme.

The programme supports entrepreneurs by helping them focus on the most crucial areas that enable them to grow their businesses such as product development, market development, business development and investment.

CRL say the candidates selected for the latest cohort represent some of the most exciting, diverse hardware-focused entrepreneurs in the UK, and cover all sectors from IoT to wearable technology.

They include ULTRA IoT who provide a toolkit aimed at prototyping new Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions in minutes; BrightSign, who make a wireless & stand alone data glove which translates sign language to text and speech; Tonik, who provide hardware that blends acoustic and electronic instrumentation; Third Skin, who provide wearable technology to augment sensory experiences with digital content; Studio93Limited who design innovative furniture products; and Flow, who make a small, portable air purifier that can remove gases, pollutants and allergens from the air in small spaces, while tracking air quality levels throughout the day.

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