CRL Demo Day

The  Central Research Laboratory at the Old Vinyl Factory has hosted its first Demo Day, which saw all eight of the start-ups currently on their Accelerator programme give five minute pitches.

The start-ups have been working on these pitches since they joined the programme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, nearly six months ago. THis was their chance to showhow far they’d come, how their propositions have evolved, how their products have developed, and how their confidence has grown.

Alex Peet, the Product Design lead for the Accelerator, said of the Accelerator cohort’s progress and the demo day itself: “This year’s cohort has featured some drastically different technologies. Some have changed their product’s proposition to include a stronger USP, whereas others have focussed more on manufacturability. Some companies have used their prototype to understand their manufacturing requirements and plan out their supply chain, ready for when their crowdfunding campaign’s launch. It’s been a tough six months, we were all proud to see the hard work showcased at Demo Day”.

The 6-month Accelerator programme is designed to cater for the challenges of hardware businesses.

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