Council may buy part of Glaxo site

The leisure centre at Glaxo’s Greenford site, which the company announced yesterday it is likley to vacate, may be bought by LB Ealing for a School.

Councillor Jason Stacey, the Leader of Ealing Council, told the Ealing Times that hey are in advanced talks with GlaxoSmithKline about buying the sport and leisure club in Oldfield Lane North as the site for a new high school.

Cllr Stacey said: “We have been in negotiations with Glaxo for a while now about buying that site. There have been rumours for a while that Glaxo want to downsize their operation in Greenford, but what’s taken everyone by surprise is the scale of it.

Cllr Stacey, who represents the Greenford Green ward which covers the area, said the building on the site already had a big enough footprint for a school building, so existing pitches around it could be retained as playing fields.

He added: “What we would like to have there is a community facility which everyone could use. A lot of people know the club from going to functions there, and we would like to keep that aspect of it.“ He also said the council would not allow the 22 acre factory and office site in Greenford Road to be turned into a housing development.

He said: “If Glaxo do pull out of the site the big issue is what happens to the land they own. It is designated employment land, so we would like to see more jobs created there".

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