Council makes things clear

King_street Councillor Mark Loveday of LB Hammersmith & Fulham has written to the Estates Gazette about the King Street redevelopment.

It had been reported that there had been pre-mayoral election discussions between Boris Johnson and LB H&F (see earlier lookwest story) in order to allow the Council’s partners, Grainger and Helical Bar, to submit a planning application with less than former Mayor Livingstone’s 50% affordable accomodation target. Councillor Loveday states that this is not the case.

"We don’t need sweetheart deals with the new Mayor" says Councillor Loveday, "we are interested int he numbers of affordable homes, and not abstract percentages".

He also states that Helical Bar and Grainger never proposed that 50% would be affordable, that they had been asked, during the selection process, to look at percentages between 100% and 25%.

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