Council delays decision on Hayes Hotel expansion

LB Hillingdon failed to make a decision on the plans to expand the Golden Cross Hotel, in Botwell Lane, Hayes.

The owners want to expand the Hotel from 33 bedrooms to 50, which has produced a reasonable amount of local opposition. After hearing arguments from petitioners on both sides and an extensive debate, the planning committee were unable to reach a conclusion and deferred the decision to a later date, after concerns about inaccuracies in the planning report were raised.

The decision was deferred to a later date because of concerns over the privacy of residents and fears that the parking provisions exceeded the London Plan recommendations, all of which were not addressed adequately in the Council report.

Chairman of the panel Councillor John Hensley, told the Uxbridge Gazette: "I cannot get a straight answer on these issues, so I am not happy making a decision on this proposal, we will defer it to a later date when we have all the correct facts and figures."

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