ColArt could move to Kodak site

ColArt, who are considering closing their Wealdstone base, could move to the Kodak factory site nearby.

The company was reported to be considering closing its Wealdstone factory, with the loss of 190 jobs. Now Harrow Councillors are reported by the Harrow Timesto have lobbied the company to consider a move to the under-utlised Kodak factory site, also in Wealdstone.

The Leader of the Council, Bill Stephenson, told the Times “the planning department will do everything it can to accommodate the company if it is able to remain in the area”. He also confirmed the possibility of a move to the Kodak site was discussed.

ColArt had previously given the residential nature of their present Whitefriars Avenue site, and the restrictions that places on their expansion, as the main reason for the possible closure. A move to the Kodak site could change that.

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